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Most Popular Minecraft Servers

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76 3B2T Minecraft server banner


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77 3B3T.de Anarchy | A 2b2t clone Minecraft server banner


0/50 online
78 3Builders.org Minecraft server banner


1/1200 online
79 3Builders3Tools Minecraft server banner


0/0 online
80 3b2t Minecraft server banner


0/0 online
81 3b2t Minecraft server banner


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82 4cpvp Minecraft server banner


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83 5hagaluf SMP Minecraft server banner


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84 9pandi Network Minecraft server banner


0/0 online
85 AAlchmey SMP Minecraft server banner


0/20 online
86 ANon37s Minecraft server banner

0/20 online
87 APlaceForCookies Minecraft server banner


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0/20 online
88 ASC Network Minecraft server banner


6/500 online
89 Aalekh Life Minecraft server banner


0/0 online
90 Aberrant SMP Minecraft server banner

8/100 online
91 Absolue Zero Network Minecraft server banner


0/100 online
92 Abyss Earth Minecraft server banner


0/20 online
93 ActionCraft MC Minecraft server banner

0/50 online
94 AddonSurvival Minecraft server banner


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0/0 online
95 Advanced-Kind Minecraft server banner


0/30 online
96 AeroBlock Minecraft server banner

0/100 online
97 Aetheriacraft Minecraft server banner


0/0 online
98 AfterEarth Gaming Minecraft server banner

0/600 online
99 Aimz SMP Minecraft server banner


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100 Alfazia Minecraft server banner


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2/2021 online

What are Minecraft Servers?

Minecraft servers are online environments where players can connect to play Minecraft together. These servers offer a variety of features and experiences, and can be run by individual players, groups, or professional companies. To join a Minecraft server, players simply need to enter the server's IP address or hostname into the Minecraft client. Minecraft servers offer a great way for players to connect and play together, and often offer unique game modes and custom features. Discover the exciting world of Minecraft servers today!

How do I join a Minecraft Server?

Looking to join a Minecraft server and take your gameplay experience to the next level? It's easy! Simply open the Minecraft client and click on the "Multiplayer" option. In the server list, click on "Add Server" and enter the server's IP address or hostname. Click "Done" and then select the server from the list to connect and start playing. Join a Minecraft server today and discover the exciting world of online multiplayer gameplay!

What are Minecraft Server Lists?

A Minecraft Server List is a directory of online Minecraft servers that allows players to easily find and connect to the servers they want to play on. These lists typically provide detailed information about each server, such as its location, game mode, and player count, as well as user reviews and ratings. Minecraft Server Lists make it easy for players to discover new and exciting servers to join, and for server owners to promote their servers to a targeted audience of Minecraft players. Whether you're a player looking for a new server to join, or a server owner looking to increase your server's exposure, a Minecraft Server List such as MCServerTime can help.