Owner Feeriix
Status offline
Players 0/25
Version 1.15.2
Rank 400
Votes 0
Uptime 74%
Last Check 1 month(s) ago
Country Sweden
Types EconomyMCMMOPvESurvivalAnti-Grief

The Magical Survival Experience, with custom biomes, progressive rankup system, new achievements and in-depth crafting with custom items.

We also have mcMMO which will enhance your gameplay experience, tags to show off your accomplishments and another new world to explore.

Why wait? Join us now and get to know the awesome people at AeriaMC.
Psst, did we tell we have vehicles?

Server Features:

- Custom Biomes
- mcMMO
- Ranks (Progress to Rankup)
- Over 220 custom achievements with rewards!
- Custom Items, Recipes, Enchants
- Player-to-Player Global Shop
- Land Claiming with Griefprevention
- Player Tradings (Trade money, exp, items)
- Cosmetic Player Tags beside your name!
- DynMap
- Head Emotes
- Elevators with iron blocks!
- Over 6000+ Decorative Mini Blocks
- Friendly Community