ASC Network
Owner ASC Network
Status online
Players 138/500
Version 1.16.5
Rank 1
Votes 2723
Uptime 100%
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Country United States
Types PixelmonEconomyRanksFactionsMCMMO

ASC Network - Cracked Pixelmon and Factions
We offer 2 game modes for you to enjoy!

1.) Pixelmon. - The Best Cracked Pixelmon Experience 2021! Play normally with your friends and favorite Pokemon or immerse yourself in Pixelmon Story Mode, Challenge the Battle Tower, defeat boss raids together with your friends, catch some wild Pokemon on safari, collect Legendary. participate in competitive tournaments and be the richest player among the rest with our balanced eco system. With our playtime + pokedex reward rank system to become a Pokemon Master!

2.) McMMO Factions - Gather your friends and allies to a world of survival of the fittest. Create and fortify your bases, make allies, battle rivals, raid and wage war against everyone, grief and blast your way to your enemies base and loot all their stuff, grind your own skills and destroy everyone on pvp, Create custom sets with our custom enchants and many more! Be the strongest Tyrant in the server!