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AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer
Owner Rorick
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IP atmora.secure.pebble.host
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Version 1.16.5
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Country United States
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AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer

What is AtmoraMC?
It is a free roam RPG style server. With various MMORPG aspects
of custom craft-able items, player driven lore alongside the pre-written server lore,
and the ability of Kingdom Conquest. The roleplay aspect comes in
either when having a casual conversation, or handling diplomatic
scenarios that could erupt in war.

Dont like Roleplay?
Relax, its not all roleplay! You can be
just a peaceful miner, or a warrior out hunting monsters
It is not required!

Towns and Kingdoms
When you are into roleplay, you will get more chances to do things
that can and will eventually effect server lore. There are many things players
will be able to do. Such as fighting for your kingdom, sailing a ship into battle
or even going and conquering other towns of another kingdom so that you may eventually
defeat your enemies and take rule over the enemy kingdom. NPC towns and kingdoms are
also capturable during certain events for players to eventually conquer the world!
Or you can be a simple shop keeper, that's cool too.

What is AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer's server IP?

The server IP address for AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer is atmora.secure.pebble.host.

How do I join AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer?

Open the Minecraft launcher and click the "Play" button. Then choose the "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Click "Add Server" and paste the ip address: atmora.secure.pebble.host into the "Server Address" field.

Click "Done" when completed.

Once the connection is available and turns green you can click on "Join Server" to play on AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer.

Have fun!

What Minecraft version does AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer support?

AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer supports Minecraft version: 1.16.5.

You may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer's server located?

The AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer Minecraft server is currently located in United States.

Players connecting from this country should experience fast and stable connection speeds.

What gamemodes can I play on AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer?

The AtmoraMC: Claim, Craft, Conquer Minecraft server supports Towny, RPG, MCMMO, Roleplay, Economy, gamemodes.