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ZERO Lag/Dedicated Server/60 slots!!!


How it works:
You wake up, bewildered, you see in the distance a sign. You squint your eyes but still can only see the stray black squiggles that outlines the sought out words. You awkwardly stand up, and you walk haltingly towards the sign.

Finally you come within reading range of the sign, it reads, "For whoever reads this sign, trials before the. The must not fret. Thou must work their ways through the prison to freedom."

In AwardCraftPrison you start out in a small pitiful block known as "D Block." You must mine for cobblestone ,iron and, coal. Cut down trees in the tree farm These precious items you can craft into your own suit of armor and sword to protect yourself from other inmates. Or sell it in the player or admin markets to get money.

To rank up from D block you must pay a total of $18,000, when you do this you will be promoted to the less infamous "C block" From block to block you must go until you can afford to buy your freedom.

Once you're there you can create factions, raid and ally others and become MORE powerful.