Dragon Wilderness Reborn
Owner AidaErvi
Status offline
IP srvr5.dragon-wilderness.net
Website https://fakeroot.net
Players 0/0
Rank 653
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Uptime 100%
Last Check 11 day(s) ago
Country United States

The Dragon Wilderness Reborn server is a PvE and PvP server. We have an economy. Play and earn in-game Talons, our in-game currency. Talons can be used to buy/sell claims, items, whatever! Make friends or make enemies or be a hermit. Play how you want to play. The possibilities are endless. Need more claim blocks? Don't want to grind to get the good stuff? Love playing on the server and just want to help out? Visit our shop to purchase ranks, kits, and items. Ranked players get increased limits on number of claims, total claim blocks, and access to special commands. Don't have the cash to spare? No problem. You can play for free too!