Valorstudios hosting

Owner craftuhh
Status offline
Players 1/200
Version 1.8.8
Rank 483
Votes 0
Uptime 99%
Last Check 1 month(s) ago
Country United States
Types FactionsPvPMCMMOSemi-VanillaSurvival

Release Time
8th August 2 PM EST

10 days (5 days grace / 5 day TNT)
14 Hr Shields
10 Man with 15 man F Roster

$200 PayPal & $75 BuyCraft
$50 PayPal & $50 BuyCraft
$25 PayPal & $25 BuyCraft
Koth Top
BuyCraft $50 (given at the end of grace)
Cane Top
BuyCraft $25 (given at the end of grace)

Our Map 1 Re-Opening Features
Optimized Experience - Optimized JAR & New factions Core!
Non-OP Custom Enchantments! Protection 5 only obtainable from mobcoins
DarkZone - A separate world for grinding cash and capturing outpost! (will be opened 3 days after opening)
Upgradable Harvester Hoes - Upgradable Harvester Hoes with tokens!
24/7 Outpost - Capture outpost to receive faction perks!
Collectors - Collect all mob-drops without effort!
Daily KoTH's - Battle it out with opponents to receive rewards!
HCF Bard and Archer classes
In game rank for all Discord server boosters!
Custom classes to grind to get permanent potion effects!