Valorstudios hosting

Owner B_White
Status online
Players 3/25
Version 1.16.5
Rank 9
Votes 236
Uptime 100%
Last Check 3 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types EconomyRanksCratesMCMMOJobs

As a Slimefun heavy server, we've got plenty of shiny new addons and classic addons to keep you busy but MCTantrum has a wide variety of things to do for every type of Minecraft player. There’s tons of custom items and OP armor, weapons, and tools. If you like having some direction, we’ve got a massive ranking chain including a Prestiging system; if you want something to do on the side you can do quests to earn extra cash and tokens.

We have a well maintained environment and we protect against griefing and cheaters. There are 2 owners that do the best they can at moderating, helping, and making sure everything is running smoothly and bug free. There are NO pay to win aspects, and we believe every player should have equal opportunity to become OP! Maybe this is the server you've been looking for! Some features include:

Events | Economy | DailyRewards | Ranks | Quests | Slimefun | Brewery | Crates | DynamicShop | CrazyEnchants | DynMap | LandClaims | Jobs | AuctionHouse | ChestSort | mcMMO | EpicSpawners | DiscordRanks | SignShops | VoteRewards | pWarps | UltimateTimber | DankTech | OP Items | Casino | Parkour | DankTech | Charms | SimpleStorage | SlimeTinker | TokenShop