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Owner ExtremeKnight
Status offline
IP eu-b4.jeekie.host:25593
Website https://minecraftpocket-servers.com/server/112861/
Players 1/10000
Version 1.17
Rank 1617
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Uptime 100%
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Country United States
Types SurvivalSpigotRanksCommunityAnti-Grief

Smelt MC ( Survival )

Are you looking for a new Survival Server?, Then SmeltMC is the place that you are looking for!

SmeltMC has a big and amazing spawn, I only opened it today! so feel free to report bugs _ For those who are experienced and are willing to help, kindly contact me at discord: Sʜᴀɴ シ#109

In our server we offer many features such as:
-In-game ranks (irl purchase)
-Premium Kits (rank kits)
-Mobs with levels
-Vanilla Enchants
-We have Oneplayersleep
-Chest when you die, so you can comeback and get your stuffs
-Quests (soon
-Weekly Events
-MoreOres (with such cool stuffs)
-Bedrock compatibility (tomorrow)
-Revive other players when knocked down!
-Auto Chop logs (TreeCapitator)
-You get to heal when you sleep!
-We also protected your account by adding (authme)
-and a cool feature (Visualiser) in which while crafting, smelting, putting your items in chest you'll see a animation
-we also have (wild) or /rtp in which you teleport randomly!
-and many more!!

IP: eu-b4.jeekie.host:25593
Bedrock Port: 25818
We Accept Versions 1.17.1 + and any versions in the future!!
Make sure to join! Have Fun!

Also make sure to join our new discord server

What is SmeltMC's server IP?

The server IP address for SmeltMC is eu-b4.jeekie.host:25593.

How do I join SmeltMC?

Open the Minecraft launcher and click the "Play" button. Then choose the "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Click "Add Server" and paste the ip address: eu-b4.jeekie.host:25593 into the "Server Address" field.

Click "Done" when completed.

Once the connection is available and turns green you can click on "Join Server" to play on SmeltMC.

Have fun!

What Minecraft version does SmeltMC support?

SmeltMC supports Minecraft version: 1.17.

You may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is SmeltMC's server located?

The SmeltMC Minecraft server is currently located in United States.

Players connecting from this country should experience fast and stable connection speeds.

What gamemodes can I play on SmeltMC?

The SmeltMC Minecraft server supports Survival, Spigot, Ranks, Community, Anti-Grief, gamemodes.






ill vote smeltmc


ill vote the smeltmc cuz i liked it!!! so mucch!!