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Status online
Players 0/50
Version 1.16.1
Rank 85
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Uptime 98.3%
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Country United States
Types SurvivalCreativeEconomyAnti-GriefMCMMO

Welcome to TorchCraft!
Come join and have fun with our outstanding and friendly community and staff. Also come join our discord to stay connected with new friends. We currently have two worlds (Survival and Creative) for your enjoyment and we’re looking to expand later in the future.

In our Survival world feel free to /wild and find new unexplored areas or build a wonderful shop near spawn and sell items you just don’t need or want! Not your cup of tea? Well grab an opponent and fight it out in our newly built PvP Arena! Still Not Convinced?! Come join our Creative world and show off all your awesome and wacky builds or those amazing redstone inventions!

Hope to See Y'all There!

Preview Plugins: Player-run economy, Grief prevention, Ultimate Timber, McMMO, PVP arena, DynMap, and Jobs.