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Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status
ASC Pixelmon

ASC Pixelmon

ASC Pixelmon Minecraft server banner


67/300 online
KCHS Craft

KCHS Craft

KCHS Craft Minecraft server banner


37/80 online
Dank Prison

Dank Prison

Dank Prison Minecraft server banner


  SPONSORED   PrisonJava
23/150 online

Silence MC

Silence MC Minecraft server banner


0/20 online


MCUniverse Minecraft server banner


  SPONSORED   TownyEconomyJava
0/1 online

PinoyGamer SMP

PinoyGamer SMP Minecraft server banner

45/50 online

Fractured Vanilla Anarchy 1.17 Survival!

Fractured Vanilla Anarchy 1.17 Survival! Minecraft server banner


0/60 online


IllusiveMC Minecraft server banner


3/60 online

Minecraft Capture The Flag Servers

The objective of the Capture The Flag gamemode is for two or more teams to try and capture a predetermined item (i.e. the flag), from the enemy base to their own and at the same time try to prevent any other teams from taking your own flag by killing them.

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status
No Servers