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How to Advertise your Minecraft Server
-   Updated 2020

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 This article was updated on 21 July, 2020

Promoting your Minecraft Server

You've spent all this time creating a Minecraft server. You've created a custom ip address, linked it to your server and setup all the plugins you wanted. You are keen to play some Factions, KitPVP, Vanilla, Modded or Survival Minecraft with other players! Or, simply keen to create a brand new community to rule over! But now, you come across a problem. How do I promote and get more players on my Minecraft server?!

This article will outline FREE and PAID strategies for Minecraft servers (both big and small) to promote and advertise their servers and begin to expand (or create) their server's playerbase. By getting more exposure for your server, more people will see your server and you will get more players on your Minecraft server.

1. Gain FREE exposure on Minecraft Server Lists

Minecraft Server Lists are an easy way for you to advertise your Minecraft server to a large audience. Minecraft server lists are essentially one big magazine/catalogue showing all the most popular and highly rated Minecraft servers. More than 400 000 servers are listed on Minecraft server lists in 2020. That shows you just how powerful these lists can be, as nearly all Minecraft servers end up being added to one of these lists!

Luckily for you, is a FREE Minecraft server list for you to add your Minecraft server onto. Check us out!

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What are the benefits of Minecraft Server Lists?

It is FREE to list on almost all Minecraft Server Lists. You simply need to register an account on the site with an email and password. This is especially useful for server owners on a tighter budget and do not want to spend much money on advertising. After all, who doesn't love free advertising for their Minecraft servers?

It is EASY to add your Minecraft server onto a Minecraft server list. Simply click on the "Add server" (or equivalent) button once you've logged into the site and fill out your Minecraft server details!

  • It is important to note that often you will be asked to upload a "Minecraft Server Banner". This is highly recommended, as a good banner for your Minecraft server will help to entice potential players onto clicking on your server's link. There are many FREE Minecraft server banner generators out there and a quick google search should give some good results.

  • Additionally, there will often be an option to "Enabled Votifier" on your server listing. This is a feature that allows players on your server to VOTE for your server, of which will push your server up to a higher position on the Minecraft Server List, of which more site visitors will see. Follow the next steps to learn how to Enable Votifier

  • How do I add my server to the list?

    To add a server you must first create an account using your email address. Once you have done so, log in and click the "Add a server" button via the control panel and enter the Minecraft server details. You can only add a server if you are the owner OR if you have been given permission by the Minecraft server owner themselves.

    Here's a list of popular Minecraft server lists you can post on:


  • 2. Post your Minecraft Server on Reddit

    Creating a Reddit post about your Minecraft server and posting it onto Minecraft server related subreddits can gain you an extra 5-10 players (depending on how unique and popular your server is). This can be a good way to get players, as people in these subreddits are usually looking for smaller Minecraft servers to join.

    Simply make a Reddit account (or sign into your existing one) and create a new post. Here's a list of popular subreddits for advertising Minecraft servers:

  • /r/mcservers
  • /r/MinecraftServer
  • /r/MCVanillaServers

  • 3. Tell your Friends about your Minecraft Server

    Minecraft friends on Minecraft Server

    "Word of Mouth" advertising is possibly the easiest and best way for you to get valuable players onto your Minecraft server. And plus, it is FREE! Next time you log in your Minecraft server, have a look around you. If you're at LAN party, tell everyone your server's IP address and invite them to play! Or, if you are in a group Discord chat, simply send a message to your friends to tell them to jump onto the server for a Minecraft session!

    Advertising to your friends and family will not only gain you more players, but will also ensure that only people you TRUST join your Minecraft server. After all, it is much better and easier to manage a Minecraft server where you know there are no trolls looking to harm or destroy your server!

    By letting your friends know about your Minecraft server, there will hopefully be a snowball effect, of which friends you advertised to start telling THEIR FRIENDS. This is the best outcome for you, as this is free and quality advertisement of your Minecraft server.

    4. Paid Advertising of Minecraft Servers

    Mineplex Minecraft server

    For those server owners with a higher or more flexible budget for advertising their servers, there are paid methods of advertising your Minecraft server that may yield great results for expanding your playerbase. Here, we will list some common (and effective) paid methods for you to utilise and propel your server forward!

    The most common method is to Purchase a Sponsored Position for a period of time on a popular Minecraft server list. Often, Minecraft server lists will have an option for those that want to, to purchase or "rent" a TOP position on their website to display your server ad. This is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE for getting high amount of views on your server (Often these popular Minecraft server lists get thousands of page visits a day!).

    Having a position for your server at the very TOP of a Minecraft server list website can be very powerful in terms of advertising your server to a very large audience.

    NOTE: Renting a "sponsored position" on these websites can be very COSTLY (Sometimes around $100+ per day!). This is especially true for the most popular Minecraft server lists.

    HOWEVER... We at offer AFFORDABLE Sponsored Positions for server owners with FLEXIBLE renting plans! Check us out!
    We also offer VIP statuses for server owners on a tighter budget, but still want a competitive edge on advertising. It is our cheapest paid option available and is an effective alternative to a sponsored position!


    There are more than 500 000 Minecraft servers across the world. Whilst it may seem daunting to try and compete with the already existing large servers out there, (Hello, Mineplex...) truth is, there are many players out there searching for smaller servers. Many players just want to join and create a tightly knit Minecraft community! Not all people enjoy the sometimes overwhelming amount of features in a larger server. Some players just enjoy a chill Minecraft lobby to have fun with some friends!

    All popular Minecraft servers were once new. All of them started in your exact position. No Minecraft server gets big overnight! Only through consistent promoting and advertising Minecraft servers do Minecraft communities start to form and begin to grow. If you already have a decent Minecraft server with an existing community, it will not be hard to get your existing players to stay on your server. By following the steps outlined in our article, you will hopefully gain more players for your new and fun Minecraft server!

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