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Minecraft Votifier v1 & v2 Tester

What is Votifier?
Votifier is a Minecraft server voting plugin you can install to track and reward players who vote for your server on Minecraft server lists such as us! (MCServerTime)

What kind of rewards can Players get?
Rewards you choose to give to your players whenever they vote can be customized and can include things such as: in-game items, crate keys, in-game money, ranks and much more! Be sure to configure everything in your votifier's config files.

How do I install Votifier?
You can install Votifier on craftBukkit, Spigot, Bungeecord or Paper. Read the official Votifier plugin page to find out more.

How do I test if my Votifier is setup correctly?
MCServerTime's votifier tester supports Votifier v1 AND Votifier v2.

Simply fill out the "Votifier IP/Host", "Votifier Port" and "Votifier Public Key" fields below, along with a test dummy Minecraft username and click "Submit" to ping a test vote to the Minecraft server.