Craftshark Network [1.8 - 1.16]
Owner shawshark
Status offline
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Version 1.15.2
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Uptime 66.1%
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Country United States
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Join with minecraft version 1.16Craftshark Network

Enjoy loads of gamemodes!
Server IP: play.craftshark.gamesWebsite: www.craftshark.gamesCustom leveling system across all servers.Gain credits to buy special perks across all servers.Vote for credits and rewards on each server.Servers:FactionsSkyblockCreativeComing soon: Survival & Kit-PVPFactions:- mcMMO - For leveling up your abilities.- Obsidian Destoryer - For raiding, Blow up obsidian after 3 hits of tnt.- Random teleportor - Random teleport into 4 different worlds. One of these worlds includes a donator only world.- Spawn PVP Arena.- Player Vaults- Loads of kits to obtain through crates, Voting and donating to our server.- Crates - 5 Crates. Vote, Common, Class, Super and Insane.- We value your time on here, Stay online and receive $100, 1x Common Crate Key and 2 Credits.- Credits system that is synced across all servers.- Mineable Spawners.- Show entity/Player damage in hot bar.- RedeemMcMMO Points.and much more...Skyblock:- Custom fishing rewards you with different items or perks everytime.- Kits- PVP- mcMMO- Mineable Spawners + Spawner shop- Pets, Cosmetics, Miniatures.and much more...!