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Hello everyone!

We opened a survival multiplayer server on version 1.20.1 and are currently looking for players. Our server is completely free to play, meaning that there are no pay to win features at all. Everybodys got the chance to succeed!

So for those who don't want to read, here are the links:
  Website:   hamstergames.eu
  Connect:   play.hamstergames.eu
  Discord:    dc.hamstergames.eu

Okay, now lot's get to what we're currently offering:

- Survival server: Custom biomes, grief protection, lands/claims, jobs, quests, a community driven marketplace for all your ingame item needs, a money system, player shops, custom enchantments, ranks based on playtime and more!

- Farming server: Vanilla biomes, 3 difficulties, for all your farming needs. Inventory/money/exp are synched to the survival server.

- Creative server (pretty much vanilla, with lands)

- Discord server: This is probably the best thing: Since we're new and only have a handfull of players right now, you can actively suggest your ideas on how YOU like this server to be on our discord. We're still building the server and not everything is perfect yet! We're open for suggestions and are able to develop the serve

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