Friwl Network
Owner SoyUnholy
Status online
Players 1/30
Version 1.16.5
Rank 18
Votes 58
Uptime 100%
Last Check 7 minute(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types TownyDynmapEconomyCratesPvP

Friwl Network is a brand new Minecraft SMP server with towny features and a 1:2000 earth map. Players can establish their own town and later on their own nation. In-game money is earned through selling specific items at /warp shop or in /warp market where players can purchase your own shop. Regarding wars, players are able to declare war on any town by paying a fee, winning will allow players to plunder other towns. We also reward crate keys for voting where players can win a range of useful items including in-game money.