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Orange SMP
Owner aidenisveryepic
Status online
IP mc.orangemc.xyz
Players 0/10
Version 1.16.5
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Uptime 100%
Last Check 3 year(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types PvPSurvivalDynmapEconomyCommunity

IP: mc.orangemc.xyz
Orange SMP is a unique SMP experience!

At Orange we have very lenient rules, we are a sort of mix between factions and SMP, mostly focusing on the SMP aspects.

At orange, all of the following are allowed:
- Griefing (exlcuding spawn)
- TP Trapping
- Raiding
- Printer and schematic usage
- Scamming In game items
- PvP Enabled everywhere (apart from spawn and shops)

We also have the following which makes us a unique and great SMP
- A great economy
- Friendly community
- Exciting events
- Streamers who stream / host events regularly
- Dynmap (You can hide yourself on the map too!)
- Great staff
- Easy claiming
- Player shops
- lenient and clear rules
If you are looking for a great server to join which includes PvP, War, and exciting things happening everyday then join Orange SMP!
IP: mc.orangemc.xyz
Discord: https://discord.gg/CdcsvhKv
Map: map.orangemc.xyz
Store. store.orangemc.xyz
Server Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7Xnp81DLGg

What is Orange SMP's server IP?

The server IP address for Orange SMP is mc.orangemc.xyz.

How do I join Orange SMP?

Open the Minecraft launcher and click the "Play" button. Then choose the "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Click "Add Server" and paste the ip address: mc.orangemc.xyz into the "Server Address" field.

Click "Done" when completed.

Once the connection is available and turns green you can click on "Join Server" to play on Orange SMP.

Have fun!

What Minecraft version does Orange SMP support?

Orange SMP supports Minecraft version: 1.16.5.

You may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is Orange SMP's server located?

The Orange SMP Minecraft server is currently located in United Kingdom.

Players connecting from this country should experience fast and stable connection speeds.

What gamemodes can I play on Orange SMP?

The Orange SMP Minecraft server supports PvP, Survival, Dynmap, Economy, Community, gamemodes.