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Owner Spiritrealm12
Status offline
IP ukl1.exiled.host
Website http://ukl1.exiled.host:7999/
Players 0/30
Version 1.12.2
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Uptime 100%
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Country United Kingdom
Types FactionsModdedRPGPvPPixelmon

This MC server has an earth map that is 1:2000 scale. Every main city or "relevant" city/town has a village in it too. there are borders of the countries that exist today. Pixelmon and SCP mods give it an unusual but textured taste to the experience. pokemon are everywhere you can catch. SCP sites randomly spawn on this map. It could be anything to SCP-999 to scp106 or 096.

There is Actually Magic on the server! (We are now doing a mod pack). We have multiple Mods that will change the server by Alot. Multiple NPC factions and Nations (You can also make your own!). You can gain relations in these Factions by doing missions.

You can choose between A pixelmon trainer or a PVP Fighter in an MMO! Or pick both!

Discord: https://discord.gg/4sUZNgCGFJ (This is also an SCP SL server. If you're just looking for the Minecraft stuff please goto mc-server-info. Plus if you want pings goto #reactions)

We are using Magma (Spigot + bukkit + Forge)

The Modpack you need: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1c2xZBI-udi6cuXd31mm026ceuFtfqDNs?usp=sharing

What is REDACTED-Craft's server IP?

The server IP address for REDACTED-Craft is ukl1.exiled.host.

How do I join REDACTED-Craft?

Open the Minecraft launcher and click the "Play" button. Then choose the "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Click "Add Server" and paste the ip address: ukl1.exiled.host into the "Server Address" field.

Click "Done" when completed.

Once the connection is available and turns green you can click on "Join Server" to play on REDACTED-Craft.

Have fun!

What Minecraft version does REDACTED-Craft support?

REDACTED-Craft supports Minecraft version: 1.12.2.

You may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is REDACTED-Craft's server located?

The REDACTED-Craft Minecraft server is currently located in United Kingdom.

Players connecting from this country should experience fast and stable connection speeds.

What gamemodes can I play on REDACTED-Craft?

The REDACTED-Craft Minecraft server supports Factions, Modded, RPG, PvP, Pixelmon, gamemodes.