Owner ExtremeKnight
Status offline
Players 1/10000
Version 1.17
Rank 69
Votes 2
Uptime 100%
Last Check 7 month(s) ago
Country United States
Types SurvivalSpigotRanksCommunityAnti-Grief

Smelt MC ( Survival )

Are you looking for a new Survival Server?, Then SmeltMC is the place that you are looking for!

SmeltMC has a big and amazing spawn, I only opened it today! so feel free to report bugs _ For those who are experienced and are willing to help, kindly contact me at discord: Sʜᴀɴ シ#109

In our server we offer many features such as:
-In-game ranks (irl purchase)
-Premium Kits (rank kits)
-Mobs with levels
-Vanilla Enchants
-We have Oneplayersleep
-Chest when you die, so you can comeback and get your stuffs
-Quests (soon
-Weekly Events
-MoreOres (with such cool stuffs)
-Bedrock compatibility (tomorrow)
-Revive other players when knocked down!
-Auto Chop logs (TreeCapitator)
-You get to heal when you sleep!
-We also protected your account by adding (authme)
-and a cool feature (Visualiser) in which while crafting, smelting, putting your items in chest you'll see a animation
-we also have (wild) or /rtp in which you teleport randomly!
-and many more!!

Bedrock Port: 25818
We Accept Versions 1.17.1 + and any versions in the future!!
Make sure to join! Have Fun!

Also make sure to join our new discord server

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