Owner dragby2000
Status online
Players 0/20
Version 1.16.4
Rank 20
Votes 32
Uptime 100%
Last Check 1 month(s) ago
Country Singapore
Types FactionsKitPvPPvPPvESpigot

NightCraft is a PvP, Raid-allowed faction and cracked server. It contains many custom made plugins, like:
- World: Custom Ores like ruby,onxy ore etc. (Natural Generated),.Custom Generated terrains
- Combat: RPG style with Anime bosses like (Pain,Titan,Herobrine.etc)
- breakable obsidian, combatlog ,
- Economy: Auction & Shops + STOCKS and CASINO like blackjack/21, /warp mine,
- Rank System:
-custom weapons/custom armor and many custom crafting! Mob arena
-custom NPC , shops , custom enchants,
In this server, you can get a point every 60 minutes you're online or when you vote you get 1 point(to use points use command: /bs )
so you don't need to donate to get good :) (although donation is still an option!)
Ranks: newbie -; Gold -; Diamond -; Netherite -;Emerald-; Active -; Epic -; Legendary-; Grandmaster -; Mythic.
Friendly staff; and you get let off easily if you do something that's not allowed in the server, the most we'll do is kick you or take some PlayPoints from you.
Very friendly community :)