Best Minecraft HCF Servers

Minecraft HCF servers are a type of Minecraft server that use the Hardcore Factions (HCF) plugin, which adds a variety of faction-based gameplay mechanics to the game. These servers typically have players forming and joining factions, and competing against each other for resources and territory. Minecraft HCF servers often have additional gameplay mechanics and features, such as custom items and challenges, to enhance the HCF experience. If you're looking for a Minecraft server that offers a competitive and strategic faction-based gameplay experience, consider joining a Minecraft HCF server today!

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status


ExtremeCraft Minecraft server banner

32/5000 online

Minecraft HCF Servers

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status
1 Advancius Network Minecraft server banner

106/300 online
2 AquaticMC HCF Minecraft server banner

0/1000 online
3 Starbox Minecraft server banner

1/20 online
4 EncryptedMC Minecraft server banner

0/100 offline
5 Spectific Network  Minecraft HCF server Minecraft server banner

0/20 offline