Best Minecraft HCF Servers

HCF is an original Minecraft Factions game mode. In HCF, players create bases in unconventional ways and fight players strategically with their faction. This game mode, like the name suggests, is the much more advanced and “hardcore” version of Minecraft factions. Here is a list of Minecraft HCF servers IP.

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status

Solo's SMP

Solo's SMP Minecraft server banner

  SPONSORED   VIP   SurvivalPvPSemi-VanillaSpigotAnarchy
2/100 online


VanillaEvolved Minecraft server banner

1/15 online

Minecraft HCF Servers

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status
1 Advancius Network Minecraft server banner

115/300 online
2 AquaticMC HCF Minecraft server banner

0/1000 online
3 EncryptedMC Minecraft server banner

0/100 offline
4 Spectific Network  Minecraft server banner

0/20 offline