Best Minecraft Tekkit Servers

Minecraft Tekkit servers are a type of Minecraft server that use the Tekkit modpack, which adds a variety of technical and industrial mods to the game. These modpacks often focus on automation, machinery, and large-scale resource processing, and offer players the opportunity to explore and experiment with these advanced gameplay elements in a multiplayer environment. Minecraft Tekkit servers often have additional gameplay mechanics and features, such as custom items and challenges, to enhance the Tekkit experience. If you're looking for a Minecraft server that offers a more advanced and technical gameplay experience, consider joining a Minecraft Tekkit server today!

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status


BLASTMC ASIA Minecraft server banner

19/5000 online

Beuteugeu Server - Survival

Beuteugeu Server - Survival  Minecraft server banner

14/40 online

Minecraft Tekkit Servers

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status
1 EndCraft Minecraft server banner

0/0 online
2 Minecraft.Co.Com Tekkit Minecraft server banner

0/5000 online
3 Minespectrum Minecraft server banner

0/1000 online
4 Teknet, Tekkit Legends with TeknetCore Minecraft server banner

0/20 online