Best Minecraft Tekkit Servers

Tekkit is a Minecraft Modpack expanding the possibilities of survival Minecraft! Adding new ores, items, blocks, and abilities, Tekkit adds a futuristic twist to the game. With Factions and McMMO, in Tekkit you can create a base with your friends and expand your claim as much as you desire! Here is a list of Minecraft Tekkit servers IP.

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status

Solo's SMP

Solo's SMP Minecraft server banner

  SPONSORED   VIP   SurvivalPvPSemi-VanillaSpigotAnarchy
2/100 online


VanillaEvolved Minecraft server banner

1/15 online

Minecraft Tekkit Servers

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status
1 EndCraft Minecraft server banner

0/0 online
2 Minespectrum Tekkit Minecraft server banner

0/1000 online
3 Teknet, Tekkit Legends with TeknetCore Minecraft server banner

0/20 online