Best Minecraft RLCraft Servers

Minecraft RLCraft servers are a type of Minecraft server that use the RLCraft modpack, which adds a variety of hardcore and realistic gameplay mechanics to the game. These modpacks often focus on challenging and immersive gameplay, with a strong emphasis on survival and player skill. Minecraft RLCraft servers often have additional gameplay mechanics and features, such as custom items and challenges, to enhance the RLCraft experience. If you're looking for a Minecraft server that offers a highly-challenging and realistic survival experience, consider joining a Minecraft RLCraft server today!

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status


BLASTMC ASIA Minecraft server banner

37/5000 online

Beuteugeu Server - Survival

Beuteugeu Server - Survival  Minecraft server banner

2/40 online

Minecraft RLCraft Servers

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status
1 Best RLCraft Servers Minecraft server banner

0/32 online
2 Hidden251 RLCraft Minecraft server banner

0/50 online
3 Life Of The Hunters Minecraft server banner

0/0 online
4 Minecraft Estremo Minecraft server banner

0/0 online
5 NithianCraft (Where Magic Lives) Minecraft RLCraft server Minecraft server banner

0/100 online
6 RLAdventure Minecraft server banner

0/38 online
7 SolidCraft Factions Minecraft server banner

0/0 online