Minecraft Crates Servers

Crates are filled with awesome loot you can win by opening them! You can acquire crate keys of all rarities from doing things such as voting, winning competitions, or purchasing them online or in-game. Open up a chest and roll for overpowered items or in-game currency. May the odds be in your favor!

Rank Name Minecraft Servers Players Status
61 The Bruh Club Minecraft server banner


0/2000 offline
62 TownyCraft Minecraft server banner


0/64 offline
63 TownyLIVE Minecraft server banner


0/100 offline
64 Vertex Survival Minecraft server banner


0/0 offline
65 mNetwork | Survival Minecraft server banner


0/100 offline
66 mc.cspower.ro | survival only Minecraft server banner

0/12 offline